Create a wardrobe that is essential, organic1, and above all beautiful.

Redesign the grading standards to be inclusive and considerate of the modern woman’s true form.

Develop with nature, rather than against it.

Establish an ‘affirmative negation’2 to the current state and patterns in consumption and production.

Educate all conscientious women that aesthetics and ethics are not mutually exclusive, but the solution and thus the norm.

Influence the industry to follow the standards we set.

Democratize ownership by motivating community building of like-minded individuals who share a tangible product and philosophy for the New World3.

Plan to implement a business structure that fulfills the most common good by placing our designs in a total social context.

Execute in the present in terms for the future.

Commit to innovate through technology not only as a networking tool, but also as an essential element in the development of an organic product of the times.

  1. Organic – having a systematic coordination, organized, forming an organic whole; exalting the simple laws of common sense—or of super-sense if you prefer—determining form by way of the nature of materials.
  2. Frank Lloyd Wright called the Larking building “The Affirmative Negation” or “The Grammar of the Protestant,” meaning that the building protested against: the cliché of styles and forms that did not belong to the twentieth century, the misuse of materials, and the application of inappropriate decoration that had no place in a modern building for the man of the new century.
  3. New World – character of the American landscape as distinct and free of previous architectural conventions.