USONIA introduces a new culture of dressing by offering a reduced and balanced wardrobe. Aiming to provide simplicity and ease to all women of intention, one garment at a time. This is a collection of considerate clothing, designed without an expiration date.


Founded in 2018 by Carmen Rivera and Dalia Stiller, as an interdisciplinary collaboration between an apparel designer and an architect. The modern embodiment of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design principles in the context of fashion.


The Usonian vision came into fruition long before ours, in 1937, when a young couple from Wisconsin commissioned famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright to design and build a custom house within their modest budget. Wright embraced the challenge, and true to his standards of organic architecture, built an understated home that harmoniously existed among its natural setting, rather than disrupting it.


Following the Jacob’s home (Usonia 1), he went on to build a series of homes based on the same design principles and philosophy, of which he called “USONIA.” Usona was a term first coined by writer James Duff Law in the late 19th century as a proposed acronym for the United States of North America, referring to citizens of every country in America – North, Central, and South. Wright felt this term be better coined to represent his Usonian manifesto, which proposed a utopian concept for American architecture in the height of the Great Depression: the ideal home for all Americans, with minimal ornamentation, maximum efficiency, and most importantly, beautiful design.